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Monday, May 24, 2010


I will start with Thursday...we have been very busy! Thursday Jeffrey's work threw us a baby shower so I loaded Anna up in the car and my brother came along to help me with Anna and headed up to Jeffrey's work. It was so sweet of them to throw us a shower and it was very simple and small which was nice because I could talk with everyone. We got some really cute stuff and lots of diapers which is great because I don't think you can ever have too many diapers. Friday Anna had a weight check at the pediatricians office. She is now up to 5lb 4oz so we are doing good getting weight on her. I am so happy she is gaining weight. It make nursing in the middle of the night worth it! Also Friday we went to visit Anna's Tata and Sedo. Tata is my mom and Sedo is my dad, these are Arabic names for grandparents. I thought Friday night was just going to be boring but my parents came over and we ended up taking Anna to Las Palmas. My parents eat at Las Palmas every Friday night and sometimes Sunday nights and we go there all the time for family stuff. Our friends Chuck and Kelly stopped in and had dinner with us. We stayed there so late but it was nice to be out of the house and visiting with people. Saturday we cleaned house, my mom helped give Anna her first bath, and then went to my parents that night.

I sat inside with Anna, since it is so hot, while Jeffrey helped my parents clean out their gutters. Anna had her newborn pictures taken on Sunday by Jessica Worley. She is great and I have seen a sneak at her pictures and they are wonderful. Check out her website Today we went to Little Rock to buy a book since I started summer school today. I am going to have my plate so full!! I should be reading right now so I will go get started. I hope to get ahead but its going to be hard to get ahead when summer school is only five weeks. Hope everyone had a great Monday! I will leave you with Anna's one week and 2 week pictures. I will take her 3 week picture tomorrow.

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