The Hughey Family

Monday, April 20, 2009

New House I am really bad at finding time to blog. I wish I was better about it. First of all we are moved into our new house! We love it! It's so nice to have a home that is our very own.

We, and when I say we I mean Jeffrey, has painted our kitchen and living room and one bed room. We still have lots of painting to do. Our new furniture we be here Wednesday which is so exciting. Now we just need to get a new bedroom set and we should be good to go for awhile. This is a big wedding season for me since my sister and best friend are both getting married. So far I have been to 3 showers and have about 5 more to go, 3 that I am helping with. My sister has a shower this weekend that I am helping with for my dad's side of the family so we will see how it goes.

Also since I jogged the half marathon in March and hurt my knees I haven't been able to jog anymore and it makes me really sad. I use to hate jogging but now that I can't do it I miss it. Right now I am doing physical therapy for 4 weeks and then back to the doctor to see what he says.

Hopefully I will update more often. Have a great day!