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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Weeks Old

Yesterday Anna turned 2 weeks old. She really started acting like a normal baby last night and was screaming. I think she is having some tummy issues, poor baby. We went to the doctor yesterday because Anna has been choking which scares me to death. They said she probably has reflux. I spoke with the nurse this morning and the medicine they gave her can make her tummy hurt so I think that is why she was so upset last night. She didn't even want to nurse which makes me sad because I know she is hungry. We are just hanging around the house tonight. I think its suppose to start storming sometime today, hopefully it doesn't get too bad because I hate storms. I am going to try and cook dinner tonight, I am horrible at cooking but we will see how it goes. I hope to start blogging more to document our crazy life so I can have it to show to Anna one day. We will see how much I can blog. I start summer school on Monday and I have 2 classes plus a newborn so we will see how hard it is. Have a great day!


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The Wilson's said...

you can do it Michelle! Im off all summer...and Emilee loves babies... if you ever need a hand : )

She is so tiny and precious! You are doing a great job!